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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is rapidly approaching! We have compiled a list of some of our favorite toys and games for children of all ages, including children who have speech/language disorders!  Here are just a few of our favorites toys and some ideas for using them to promote language development!

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  1.  Farm toys and animals are great for working on so many things!  Here is a list of just a few great ways to model and promote good language skills while playing with these toys.

-imitation of animal sounds

-labeling animal names

-receptively and expressively labeling concept words – in, on, under, next to etc…

-teaching actions sounds (eat, sleep, jump, climb, etc..)

-pretend play

2.  Car and truck toys

So many kids are highly motivated by cars and trucks, which makes them great toys for promoting language.

-environmental sound imitation (beep beep, vroom, crash!)

-labeling colors of cars

-simple fill-in phrases “ready, set, go!”, “on your mark, get set, go!”

-following simple directions

3.  Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head provides hours of fun for kids!

-labeling body parts

-identifying colors

-following directions

-pretend play

4.  Blocks

Blocks are great for kids of all ages!

-pretend play

-using spatial concept words (on, under, next to, etc…)

-modeling early developing words (up, go, more,..)

-requesting by color

-turn taking while building

5.  Board Games

Board games are an awesome way to engage and work on language with a child!  If a child has specific language or speech targets, you can work on them in between turns and use the game as a motivator.  Some of our favorites include: Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, Candyland, Pop the Pig and Zingo.

Other ways games are great include:

-turn taking

-color identification

-working on waiting

-counting/keeping score



These are just a few of the toys that we love and recommend if you’re looking for games to help promote speech and language skills!